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Parent Governor Announcement

I am pleased to announce that following the recent Parent Governor Election which was held on behalf of the governing body, Gordon Johnson has been successfully elected and will be appointed to the Board of Governors. Charlotte Fitch Clerk to the Governors  

Internet is down!

The college internet connection is down due to technical issues. This outage will affect the parent portal and the email server. We expect a resolution to the issue shortly. Thank you for your patience.

800A Bus has been retimed!

800A Bus – please note that this bus has been retimed to depart 15 minutes earlier than previously stated due to ongoing roadworks and congestion in the area. Students have been notified that changes take effect from Monday 9th November 2015.

Election of Parent Governor

I am delighted to be able to announce that two parents have submitted nominations for the Parent Member vacancy on the College‚Äôs Governing Body and are standing for election. Brief details about each candidate are given as their mandate for election. Parents, guardians and those individuals having custody of one or more full time student… Read more