Is your son or daughter thinking about their future? Worrying what they should do next? Well don’t.  There is plenty of help available at Winstanley to support them in discovering what is right for them and to give them the information they need to shape their future.


There are four main options available to students:

  • Going to University
  • Starting an apprenticeship
  • Finding employment
  • Taking a gap year


They will discuss their options individually with their personal tutor. Jo Billington is available to talk through options with students and they can book an appointment at the Student Services Helpdesk to speak to her.  To help make their mind up students can organise work experience or voluntary work and Louise Bytheway in student services will talk through the opportunities available.


College has a well stocked Careers library with resources to help with choosing University or to understand how to apply for apprenticeships or employment.  There are also resources there to help them plan a gap year if they want to.

In the summer we have an extraordinary successful Higher Education Event.  You and your son or daughter can meet with representatives from over 35 Universities and talk to them personally about what they have to offer.  You will also be able to talk about University finances and get advice on applying to Oxford and Cambridge or for Medicine, Vet Science or Dentistry.  In November we hold a Careers Fair where we invite representatives from Engineering, Accountancy, Armed Forces, Local Government and many more for students to talk to.  Do not worry! We have plenty of resources and the time to help students sort their way through the many different routes they can take to be successful and happy.