College Lottery

January’s Winners:


Week 1 Week 2 Week 3 Week 4 Week 5

E J Dobson

Lorraine Culpon

M Trumble


K Blagg

D Heyes

Dr S Suntha

P Bold

D M & B J King

G Hampson

A Smith

S McMullen

J P Ratcliffe

G Poole

R & D Eastburn

D McCracken

Unclaimed Cheques – please can the following members contact the Finance Department to claim their winnings!

  • S Turner
  • L Morris
  • K Woodcock/Sole
  • W M Pascoe
  • Michael Bosworth
  • Peter Maher
  • Dr K Lamden
  • J P Ratcliffe
  • A Smith

Can the following members please contact finance:

  • Dr K Lamden
  • K Woodcock/Sole
  • L Morris
  • Peter Maher
  • M & R M Finney
  • Michael Bosworth
  • W M Pascoe
  • Barton J C
  • Illingworth S M & A

If you wish to leave the college lottery please send in a written letter or email to confirming this. You will also need to contact your bank to cancel your standing order.

If you would like to join our winners all you need to do is fill in the form (here), send it back to the Finance department and we will do the rest!