Exam Information

Which awarding bodies does the College use?

Winstanley College uses the following awarding bodies for GCE qualifications:

AQA www.aqa.org.uk

Edexcel www.edexcel.co.uk

OCR www.ocr.org.uk

WJEC www.wjec.co.uk

When do the examinations take place?

The majority of external exams take place in May and June in both the Lower Sixth and Upper Sixth.  Exam timetables are available on the relevant exam board websites for your information.

When will examination results be issued?

Summer 2014 exam session    Thursday 14 August

What are the grade boundaries?

Please see the document entitled ‘Grade Boundaries’ which explains how to interpret your results slip.

How do I ask for my exam to be re-marked?

Please see the document entitled ‘Post Results Services’ which describes all the post-results services available from the exam boards together with the fees involved.

When will examination certificates be issued?

Exam certificates will be dispatched once they have been received from the awarding bodies.  As a guide, most certificates for the Summer exam session will be dispatched by the following January.