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Absence Reporting System

Dear Parents/Guardians We have an automated absence reporting system at the college. You only need the numbers in your son/daughter’s college ID to report the absence.  You do not need to leave a voicemail explaining the reason for absence as this will get picked up by the personal tutors. Please report all absence by 10:30… Read more

Absence Procedure

Dear Parents/Guardians Below is a link which details how you use the college’s automated absence reporting line. You will be able to report absence using your son/daughter’s ID number and will receive a confirmation text once you have done this. We will also text you at the end of the day if your son/daughter has… Read more

Parent Governor Announcement

I am pleased to announce that following the recent Parent Governor Election which was held on behalf of the governing body, Gordon Johnson has been successfully elected and will be appointed to the Board of Governors. Charlotte Fitch Clerk to the Governors