Student ID Badges

Dear Parent,

There are an increasing number of students who are not displaying their ID badge whilst in College, this has meant that “tailgating” through doors is becoming more prevalent which carries with it the risk of unauthorised individuals gaining access to the site and moving around the building.

On Monday 16th April staff will be in place at all of the main entrances to College asking students to display their ID badges as they enter  the building, any student who does not have their badge will be issued a temporary badge.

Due to the cost involved in providing replacement badges for free, the cost of a replacement ID badge will be increased to £10 after the Easter break

Any student who has misplaced their ID badge is able to go to Student Services this week and will be issued a replacement badge free of charge.

Temporary badges are free for the day but if they are not returned a charge is incurred.

Bursary Students will still be eligible for a free replacement ID badge.

From Monday 16th April students will not be admitted to lessons unless they are displaying either their own ID Badge or a temporary badge, temporary badges can be obtained from Student Services.

Thank you for your understanding and support in making the college site safe.

Mike Woods