If you are interested in re-sitting any of your examinations from Summer 2017 please click the link below:


The link lists all examinations that are available to re-sit in Summer 2018 along with the entry fee. Fees are set by the awarding bodies, not by Winstanley College.  Select the exam/s you would like to re-sit, scroll to the bottom of the page and input the details required.  Make sure you correctly submit ALL required student details to ensure we know exactly who you are, and what you are paying for.  Remember that if you do not fill in ALL the required information, the re-sit(s) will NOT be processed but you may still be charged.  Parent Pay accepts debit or credit card as methods of payment for examination re-sit fees.  Please keep all receipts – they are your proof of payment.

If you are intending to re-sit an examination that does not appear in the list or if you would like to re-sit a coursework component please contact Lauren Mawdsley (Examinations Officer) with the information.

The deadline for payment of all re-sits is Friday 19th January 2018